How Long Do Recliners Last?

A common question a customer will always ask while purchasing a recliner is how long this recliner will last? While, on average, a recliner can last about 10 to 20 years, it is hard to accurately answer a specific model.

In this post, we want to provide more information about the lifespan of recliners and teach you how to make your recliner last longer.

Factors affect the lifespan

Even the same recliner will have a different lifespan in different people’s homes. How long the recliner will last is determined by a few factors.


The materials used to make the recliner, such as the frame, upholstery are highly associated with the lifespan of this chair. The stronger the frame, the longer the chair will last.

More often than not, manufacturers use wood and steel to composite the frame. We suggest you test it in person to see if this chair will become wobbly while reclining or lifting. Besides, remember to avoid compressed wood particle frames.

In general, a leather recliner is more durable than a microfabric one. However, it is still up to the quality of the upholstery cover of each chair. In addition, for holding the shape, we suggest you pay attention to the cushion and try to get one with a density rating of 1.9 or higher.


If you are thinking about buying a power recliner, then the motor is one of the most critical elements to consider. A good motor is able to recline you down and lift you quietly and smoothly with time. Sometimes, it is hard to tell when you try it in the store.

Hence, it is always safer to get one from a reputable brand such as OKIN. Most recliner manufactures offer only a 1-year warranty for the motor, and if the motor is dead, it would be costly to fix.


How the recliner works could play a role in its lifespan. A recliner with a handle on the side could last longer than the model without it. A classic recliner could work longer than the model with complex lifting, massage, and heating functions. 

Pets and kids

It is undeniable that kids and pets are lovely. We want to spend time with them. However, it would cause some trouble for recliners. Kids like to jump from a sofa to a recliner, and pets like to sleep on a cozy recliner and will leave you some annoying scratches from claw marks. 

If you live with kids and pets, you can expect your recliner may not live very long.

The way you use it

If you spend a few hours a day in a recliner, it will break sooner than the model infrequently used. On top of it, if you are used to throwing your all weight in a chair at once, it will break easily as well. We have to treat it gently in our daily life.

The way you maintain

If you want to make the recliner last longer, you should take care of it. If you don’t clean it, it will attract dust and dirt. The motor may become overheated if there is any blockage. Aside from that, sunlight exposure will increase the speed of fading.

How To Prolong Your Recliner’s Life

You may have heard that the recliner in someone’s house has lasted for decades. There are a few ways to help you achieve it as well.

Regularly clean 

This is the simplest way to extend the chair’s life. You may feel it is troublesome to clean it every day, but  it is definitely suitable for your chair if you do it. You should clean not only the upholstery but also the area under the base.

Use the vacuum to collect debris and soils and use the wet cloth to remove stains. Nobody enjoys sitting in a recliner with a lot of stains. The sooner you take action, the easier it will be cleaned out.

Besides, some upholstery needs to be maintained carefully. For example, a steamer is a proper instrument for leather or fine fabric recliners.

Use recliner covers

For those who want to protect the recliner further, using a piece of recliner cover is a sensible idea. Recliner covers are usually washable and economical. It prevents dust, stains as well as sunlight exposure. The recliner looks like a brand new chair even after a few years.

Regularly check

It is also important to check the wires, the performance of motors, and the tears and wear of upholstery. If you find any minimal issues, you can arrange to fix them.

Avoid direct sunlight

Some people enjoy taking a sunbath in a recliner, however, direct sun exposure will cause the upholstery to fade quickly. If you want your recliner chair to last longer, put it a bit away from the window. 

Don’t drink and eat in a recliner

We know how comfortable it is to eat in a recliner. But you should be careful because those foods and drinks could make a mess at any time. Those spills would leave unremovable marks and stains on the upholstery.

Don’t use it outside

A recliner should be kept in a warm and dry environment. The elements will not rust and the chair will be functional. The moisture and sun will destroy the chair with time when you place it outside.

When To Buy A New Recliner?

There are a few signs that show us it is time to get a new one.

Broken motor

If you are using a power recliner, it is possible that the motor will die with time. Sometimes, fixing a broken motor could cost more than you expect. If the chair has served you for a few years, maybe it is better to get a new one.


A torn recliner looks ugly and old. It could be annoying to see it every day when you wake up. Some recliner brands offer the service to replace the upholstery. If it can’t, why not buy a new one.

Lumpy cushions

The cushions can’t hold the shape and provide support to your body with time. A lumpy chair is uncomfortable to sit in and may even cause back pain.


In this post, we always emphasize how important to prevent stains. However, as time goes by, some stains will leave on our recliner. If you or your guest can tell the stains immediately when you walk to it, it is a good time to say goodbye to it.


How long the chair will last is determined by the material, maintenance, and how often you use it. Generally, a recliner can stay with you for a few years. But you don’t mind spending some time taking care of it, it would last for decades.

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