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Best Zero Gravity Recliners

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Most people who have to spend most of their time sitting at one place deal with posture issues. The way they sit and the kind of lifestyle they have makes it difficult for them to stay away from health woes. In such a condition, it gets imperative for them to come up with some simple solutions that will take them out of this plight. The right kinds of furniture items that would not only solve their health issues but will also rectify their posture are needed. The zero gravity recliner, when compared to other options, turn out to be extremely comfortable as well as soothing.

Using the best zero gravity recliner, one can evenly distribute the body weight to all parts of the body. These chairs help him/her in managing the body posture and ensuring that he doesn’t have to deal with anybody pain or ache. The feeling of weightlessness that the best zero gravity chair gives to a person is out of bounds. As they provide an extremely high level of comfort to the users, they are quite popular amongst them and are one of the most sought after recliners amongst the customers.

Our Picks for Best Zero Gravity Chairs

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2021-06-25

What are Zero Gravity Recliners?

The zero gravity recliners are the kind of recliners that don’t require the user to out in a force of gravity while sitting on them. The right type of position that this furniture item provides to the user evenly distributes the weight of a person and reduces the chances of health issues.

To avoid intense stress and any problem to the body, people prefer having zero gravity recliners rather than the normal ones. With no gravity present, one’s body quickly finds the right position to sit in and provides effortless long sitting sessions.

The Benefit of Using a Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity recliner chairs come with several benefits, and some of them are as follows:

  • Good for the muscles:

These zero gravity recliners provide you with a plethora of position options. You can, easily, switch your position while sitting on them, and you get the freedom of choosing one just according to your requirements. It gives you the ability to relax your muscles efficiently. Along with that, it provides a chance to the muscles to heal from the pain that they get all day long.

  • Better circulation:

With the help of these zero gravity chairs, you can lift your legs. This helps in improving the flow of blood in the body and relaxes the muscles instantly. The improved circulation further makes it possible for the blood to reach all parts of the body.

  • Adds to the comfort:

Some of zero gravity recliners come with a unique feature of massage. Thus, once you reach home after a long day of work, a long massage session on this recliner will take away from you, the weariness of the whole day instantly.


What to Consider When Buying Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

While deciding to buy your new zero gravity chairs, you need to look for the following features:

  • Ensure if it really is a zero-gravity recliner chair:

A number of faux recliners are available in the market. A plethora of options are available to you, and deciding on the right one is undoubtedly tough. The correct way to select the right choice is by first practicing various positions on the chair and ensures that every position is comfortable. Multiple position practices are necessary to ensure the selection of the right zero gravity chair.

  • The durability of the zero-gravity recliner:

Buying a zero gravity chair can be a huge investment. As you need to pay huge bucks for it, it is important for you to choose the one that would stay with you for a long period of time. The metal body of your selected recliner should be sturdy enough to endure the pressure of a long period. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on buying this furniture item time and again.

  • Availability of the lock:

Presence of the locking facility is necessary for your new recliner to be desirable. When one chooses the right position to sit on, one has to ensure that the position is locked. This way, one won’t have to deal with the problem of the zero gravity recliner getting back to the original position once the extra position is exerted on it.

Best Zero Gravity Recliners Review

1. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2021-06-25

The zero gravity recliner by best choice products is one of the most sought after products in the world of furniture. Owing to a number of features that these recliners support, they are quite in demand amongst the buyers. The major feature that sets it apart from others is the quality of seats that it comes with. The seats used in these recliners are made up of material that is resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, no matter how much harsh the sun is, you can always keep it safe from its harmful rays.

The headrest of these zero gravity chairs is quite a favorable feature. Once you sit on the recliner, you can easily place your head in a comfortable position. Thus, this adds to the overall calmness that you feel while sitting on these recliners. These headrests are not only easily adjustable but are also well padded. Once you place your head on it, you feel a wave of calmness going down your spine.

The size of the recliner can easily be adjusted according to the size of the person sitting on it. As the elastic cords of the recliner are extremely adjustable, you can, with great efficiency, change the position of the recliner and make it much more comfortable for yourself.

Changing the location of these recliners is not difficult. As these zero gravity chairs come with a great level of portability, it is quite easy to fold them and change their location. Being extremely lightweight and supremely moveable, you can pick them up from one place and place to the other instantly.

This zero gravity recliners can hold up to 250 lbs.



  • Well padded headrests
  • Resistant to the ultraviolet rays
  • Extremely portable


  • The seat may wear out by excessive usage
  • No massage functions

2. Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Live Power Omni-Motion Zero-Gravity Recliner

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The human chair by Torch PC-610 is surely another best zero gravity recliner that makes the user’s life easier. It allows him to choose between using this recliner either inside the house or outside it. Thus, it comes with multifaceted opportunities making it easier for you to utilize it in whatever way you may want to.

The looks of this recliner chair set it apart from others. These chairs are made up of leather with the seats being padded. The walnut wood color gives these recliners a royal look, and you instantly want to buy them as soon as you set your eyes on them. The memory foam used to pad them, and the heat kit further adds to their value. (See also our picks for best heated recliners.)

The cushions that come along with this recliner are manufactured using the fluid cell method. Thus, they are well sealed and help you in displacing the body pressure to all the parts of the body quite well. Very efficiently, these cushions keep away from affecting the sensitive parts of the body and ensure proper distribution of force all around.

Further, to add comfort to the lives of users, these recliners provide extended armrests to them. Thus, no matter how tired you are, once you sit on this recliner, extended arms on the armrest and legs on the footing, you will feel refreshed, instantly.

Spending extra bucks to buy this zero gravity recliner may stop you from buying it. However, it is to be noted here that the steel body of this furniture item is safe from damage in the long run. Thus, you won’t have to pay a lot of money in its repair or exchange anytime soon.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Padded headrest
  • Extended armrest
  • Fluid cell sealed cushions
  • Heated kit included
  • Good leather


  • A bit expensive


3. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity


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One of the best features that the zero gravity recliners by Shiatsu provide their customers with is the built-in massage system. Being extremely relaxing, this massage session will leave you refreshed and energized. The level of customization that comes with this recliner is quite unusual as you can choose which parts of your body need vibration and for how much time. To the maximum, you can get sessions of thirty minutes for your massage, and this will relieve you of all the stress you feel in your body.

These zero gravity chairs come with 3D intelligent, and thus the seat itself decides which parts of your body need how many levels of vibration. Touching single buttons will help you in changing the intensity of the massage. The four massaging hands that this seat comes with are extraordinarily feasible and add to the level of comfort that this recliner provides its users. Along with this, from all the four auto parts that this zero gravity recliner comes with, you can choose one just according to your requirement. Thus further enhances the level of customization of the recliner’s features. The intensity and speed of the massage can be managed quite easily.

The heat therapy that the seat provides to the person sitting on it further augments the benefits. The back of the recliner has a unique feature of heat therapy that you can use in order to give you relief from the back pain. Thus, this is one of the best zero gravity recliners that gives you immediate respite from all kinds of body aches that you suffer.


  • Extensive massage feature
  • Back heating facility
  • Minuit massage capability
  • Padded armrests and headrests
  • Customized massage system


  • A bit expensive.



4. Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair

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Most of the people, owing to the invasive sunlight, avoid sitting outside no matter how much do they want to. This limitation is solved by the Bliss Hammocks zero gravity chair that ensures keeping the sunlight away from the user as much as possible.

This happens through the canopy that is connected to the upper side of the chair and helps in keeping the sunlight away from the person sitting on it. It makes it possible for anyone to sit in the sun without having to think about the harmful rays of the sun affecting his skin. Muscles get relaxed when a person sits on this bliss hammocks zero gravity chair making it possible for him to stay on it for many hours to come.

With the adjustable shade that comes along with the zero gravity chair, the person sitting on it can change the location of the shade in whatever manner he wants. Thus, it gets possible for him to stay protected from the sun. Along with that, a drink tray is also connected to the chair. You no longer have to pick the drink from the kitchen and come back to sit on the chair.

The zero gravity outdoor chair also has a seat made of PVC. The strength of the steel also augments as it has double coats on it which makes it durable and long lasting. The headrest if the seat is well padded. Thus, once you place your head on it, you feel relaxed and refreshed.


  • Extended armrest
  • Inbuilt locking system
  • Side tray is available
  • The frame is powder coated


  • The body gets quite hot in summers
  • No extra features


5. Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair 

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2021-06-25

Considered as one of the pioneer companies in the world of furniture making, the Timber Ridge Company manufactures exceptions furniture items for its customers. One major thing that sets these furniture items apart from others is their sturdy built. Made of extremely muscular steel tube, the recliners of this company are surely long lasting. No matter how long have you been using them, they will stay with you for a very long period of time.

Another fantastic feature that makes it one of the best zero gravity recliners for outdoor is the auto locking feature. This feature enables the user to lock the recliner at whatever position he wants to sit. According to his body and posture requirements, the user adjusts the seat and locks the chair there.

The comfort level provided by the recliner is also top notch. This is owing to the padding that is a part of the seat as well as the headrest. Along with this, there is a facility of being able to remove the filling of the pillow if one doesn’t like it much. Apart from this, the recliner also comes with a cup holder which further adds to the advantages of this zero gravity recliner.

If you are still not convinced, you need to know that this zero gravity chair comes with a warranty of one year. This means that if something gets broken, you can get it fixes instantly from the company without having to pay any cost for it.


  • The zero gravity design
  • Armrest made of pure wood
  • The padded pillow is removable


  • Gets loose soon enough


6. Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner 

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2021-06-25

If you are a fan of delicate furniture items, the Svago ZGR dual power recliner is especially for you. It is one of the best luxury recliners we mentioned before.  Adding it in your room will add to its charm, and you will be able to bring royalty to your house.

Controlling the working of the zero gravity recliner is easy. With the help of a single remote, you can adjust the back of the recliner just according to your choice. In the same manner, the footrest of the recliner can also be tuned well using this simple remote.

This zero gravity recliner also comes with the additional facility of massaging and heating. The vibrations emerging from the back of the recliner, and the heat waves that enter your body through it are surely quite relaxing.

The headrest of the recliner can also be adjusted just according to your requirement. The adjustable headrest makes it possible for you to change its position, and lock the one where you feel most comfortable. Thus, you will feel relaxed and refreshed through the massage and headrest combined.

If you are not on a budget and find the best zero gravity recliner that will make you feel good all day long, this one will not let you down.


  • Extended armrests
  • Removable lumbar pillow
  • Heat therapy
  • Foot support
  • Adjustable vibrations and massage


  • May get heated in the sun quite soon.



The right kind of zero gravity recliner chair is needed in your life to add sophistication to your house and relaxing sittings for you. There are a number of options available in the market, and choosing one of them is undoubtedly a tough task.

Before choosing the right one, make sure you exactly know what you want, and make the final decision just according to your budget, requirements, and the features offered by the new piece of furniture.

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