When Is The Best Time To Buy A Recliner?

Recliners are not exactly light on the pocket, so before spending your hard-earned money, you want to know when is the best time to buy a recliner. If you are lucky and patient, sometimes, you can save a few hundred dollars.

In fact, there are several periods of the year that manufacturers will sell their recliners at a significant discount. Let’s explore when is the most recent one.


When it comes to the best time of the year to buy furniture, holidays are always one of the best choices.

For US customers, you can always find a great deal on Black Friday. Some brands could offer up to 50% or even 70% discount, and the discount would be all through the Christmas period. For UK friends, the best deal may happen on Boxing day. 

These days, sellers will start their sales about one or two weeks ahead of Black Friday, and you will have a long time to do your research. As we said, recliners are relatively expensive. Therefore, it is always better to take some time to investigate which brand or style is your favorite.

It is also possible to find amazing deals on other holidays. Both online stores and bricks and mortar provide budget-friendly recliners on Mother’s and Father’s Day as recliners are always practical gifts for parents. 


As people tend to spend time and money with their family during their summertime, fewer customers choose to buy recliners in this period. However, this is another good time of the year to buy a recliner.

To deal with the “summer slump,” sellers would do some promotion work to attract more traffic. More often than not, you can find an incredible deal on a chair that you have looked for for a while.

Another reason why you will see unbelievable sales in July is because stores like to release the new series in August or September. Therefore, they have to sell more old stuff to make room for the incoming products. 

Every April and October,  a famous show called “HighPoint Market” in the furniture industry is held. Stores will order new products there, and then in July and January, they will get the stock. 

The Beginning Of The Year

We will spend most of our money on Holiday seasons. After that, retailers will suffer from the low traffic as we are short of cash in the coming days. In this situation, they will provide some budget-friendly models to get some sales.

While it may not be the best time to buy recliners, you can still get some good deals such as a 20% to 30% discount. If you happen to miss the holiday sales, you can get a reasonably priced chair.

Buying A Used Recliner: Winter & Summer

Buying a second-hand recliner can save a bunch of money for you. You can purchase chairs in second-hand furniture stores, online stores, or in person. Sometimes, you can get a nearly new product. 

If you plan to buy from homeowners, winter and summer are better times because people like to do decluttering during these periods. 

Usually, people want to start fresh at the beginning of the year and clean up unnecessary furniture. In summer, students graduate from school, and it is time to sell the items and move to the new city. Therefore, we can always find some good recliners at these times of the year.


Now you already know when is the best time to get a cheap recliner. You don’t need to wait for a whole year as there is a big sale every few months. 

We also recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter of furniture stores. In this way, you will always get the promotions in time.

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